I’m a product/UX designer living in Central Oregon.

When I’m not working or exploring the high desert, you can find me knee-deep in one of my hobbies. Chat with me about…

Gardening 🪴
During spring and summer I really enjoy being out in my front yard, digging around and doing some light gardening. I don’t have the space to grow all the veggies I would like, however my garden is full of various flowers and herbs.

Animals 🐶
I am a huge animal lover. If we are out together, I will be sure to alert you to any dogs in our immediate surroundings. I have a cat named Trouble and a rabbit named Dapper, and every Friday I volunteer at a rescue farm with my partner.

Anything sci-fi or fantasy 👽
I love books and movies about monsters, aliens, ghosts, or anything sci-fi/fantasy. The bigger and creepier the monster, the better. Some of my favorite movies in this genre are The Thing, Alien, and The Shining.