I’m a product & UX designer.

But first and foremost, I’m a lifelong learner.

As a designer in an ever-changing tech landscape, I’ve learned numerous tools, research methods, and design techniques – and I welcome every opportunity to learn even more. Expanding my knowledge through experimentation, success, and failure has shaped me into the designer I am today.
Currently learning: motion design in Figma.

As a human being on this little blue dot, I enjoy using my curiosity to grow and connect with the world around me. Over the years I have taught myself so many skills, like making soap, driving manual, refinishing dilapidated furniture, and much more.
Currently learning: how to play the banjo.

“You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.”

― Dolly Parton, queen of the world

“Dedicated, detailed, and thoughtful”

Karina cares deeply about our customers and uses a mix of quantitative usage data and qualitative research techniques to understand their true needs. She collaborates closely with colleagues across departments to make sure her mock-ups meet the business need, delight users, and can be implemented by the developers. She’s also a supportive, empathetic teammate.

Sarah Torres
VP of Product @ Ruby

“The kind of designer that every other designer wants to work with”

Karina is a super collaborative teammate who accepts feedback with grace and then implements it flawlessly. She’s also the best documenter I’ve ever worked with. But in addition to all that, Karina is just an all-around stellar teammate. She is deeply empathetic and caring, and her wry sense of humor means that meetings with her are always fun.

Macie Groves
Senior UX Designer @ Ruby

“Exceptional research and design work”

Karina fosters a user-centric culture and has played a critical role in delivering engaging and valuable digital products to our customers. She partners with Product and, using a variety of collaborative research methods, gathers and shares customer insights that help inform the product direction. Karina’s focused and thoughtful work has made her a joy to work with.

Terri Haswell
Sr. Director of UX & Customer Research @ Ruby

“Her dedication to customers is truly inspiring”

Karina’s primary superpower is her deep empathy for the user, and I’d say her second superpower is her ability to create thoughtful, thorough, and very clear designs for engineering to use in their development cycle. The engineering team has great appreciation for her process, and I’ve heard them say on multiple occasions that she provides the most thorough designs they’ve ever worked with.

Holly Slattery
Lead Product Manager @ Ruby

“An extraordinary designer”

Starting my UX career, I looked to Karina as a mentor. Her visual design skills are exceptional and she truly cares about the users needs. She was a great resource any time I felt stuck, and always provided me with new ideas and a reasoning behind them. Karina is an extraordinary designer and I’ve really enjoyed getting to work with her.

Gabrielle Gulczynski
Associate UX Designer @ Ruby